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A day has passed since suggestive comments were made from Dick Pound, about the possibility that cycling could be pulled from the Olympics. This is my response to those comments. 

It would be disappointing to see cycling pulled from the Olympics and we all need to keep it in perspective that it is a Lance Armstrong issue, not every cyclist. Just as we here in Australia have issues with drink driver’s on our roads, this does not mean every driver is a bloody idiot; so to that just because cycling in its past and even in its recent past have had issues with a minority of its athletes cheating, doesn’t mean every cyclist cheats. 

Cycling has I feel since moved on from the era in the spotlight today with its whereabouts system in place and blood passports for professional road just to name a few on top of the many educational sessions that are compulsory for cyclists around the world. But the fight against drugs is not easy or is it over, nor will it ever be as just in life as in cycling there are always people looking for short cuts, looking for the easy road. In my book there is  no such thing and what I put myself and my family, team and sponsors through would never be worth the thought. 

Drugs have been taken in cycling’s past, there is no denying it. I believe we deserve the reputation we have as a result of the bad choices and decisions of some of its athletes, but it is not the only sport with issues. 

It is disappointing reports suggest that from his interview with Oprah, that Lance has been dishonest but this behaviour is not a part of my life practice privately nor professionally. 

It would be very sad to see the entire sport with its minority bad eggs and majority good eggs be removed from the Olympic Calendar. It would be a punishment to the masses for the bad decision and  actions of a few. What about the many disciplines under cycling? Track, mountain bike, BMX, Para cycling? Should they all be punished for what happened on the road pre 2000’s? What about the younger generation coming through dreaming, aiming, working hard for that chance to represent their country at the Olympics who are today in their teens or younger? Do we say to them; sorry, no more dreaming for you, blame Lance Armstrong? 

Let’s wait and see what has been said in the interview between Lance and Oprah before any comments or opinions are made and I hope that if there are any ramifications involved it is reserved for the people who did wrong, not the sport of cycling as a whole.

Touring the Country Side

Since getting back from London life has been a bit hectic with travelling around Australia engaging in many Community events, servicing my loyal sponsors Uvex, Toshiba, BHPbilliton and Musashi and stepping into the Corporate Speaking Circuit after joining ICMI.

Since London In August I have been on 65 Flights! Travelling a collective distance of 73,620 km!

Heading Home

After spending two months overseas in preparation for and competing in London it was finally time to head home to Australia. How I was looking forward to that. A sleep in my own bed, time with my husband Mark and our dog Bruce, vegemite on toast, a lamington, catching up with friends and loved ones. Ah, I couldn’t wait for home.


Well it has been a while since the 2012 London Olympic Games and a lot has happened so stay tuned to this site for weekly updates on what’s happened since London but first I thought we should look at the big event itself.
As you all know I went off line during the games but I thought it would be interesting to keep note off what my tweet updates would have been whilst at the Games and going over them now 3 months later I find it funny to read so this web update will be a little different to normal. It will be in Twitter format.
Enjoy, Anna


A Home Worlds

It is not often if ever that an athlete gets to experience a home World Championships. I have now been privileged to experience two; the first back in 2004 where I won my first World Title in the 500m Time Trial. I also collected Silver in the Sprint and ended up nowhere in the Keirin. 2004 was the second year ever that the Keirin was on the program for sprint women. 2004 was also the Athens Olympic Year where the Olympic event quota stood at 8 men’s events to 4 women’s events. I was 20 years of age in 2004.


London's Calling

Today is February 29th, that one extra day in every four years added to the month of Feb; one day extra added each Olympic Year. I have not long returned from the 2012 Olympic land after competing in what was the final world cup of the season. 

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